Metrology is a science with deals with Measurement; this field is nothing to do with weather or atmospheric temperature. We never recognize how much important it is in our daily life. If we look around our life we will see there are so many metrological device we have like watch, we measure time. Speedometer we measure speed of our vehicle. Electricity meter we measure how much electricity have been consumed. Such as there are so many devices which gives the value of consumption or results of calculations. They all are measurement devices and science which deals with these all devices and calculation called Metrology.

There are mainly following types of metrology

  1. Scientific or fundamental metrology
  2. Applied, technical or industrial metrology
  3. Legal metrology

Scientific or Fundamental Metrology

This branch of metrology deals with development of new measurement methods new quantity systems, new units of measurement. They define new calibration methods and its fundamentals, realization of measurement standards and the transfer of traceability from these standards to users in society. They maintain a database of the metrological calibration and measurement capabilities of various institutes around the world. These institutes, whose activities are peer-reviewed, provide the top-level reference points for metrological traceability

Applied, Technical or Industrial Metrology

This branch deals with application of measurement. In our today?s industry metrology plays very important role where every thing need to be measure very accurately to smooth running of the automated process. This branch deals with calibration of all equipment at the factory. Some time they also deals with quality of the product as well

Legal Metrology

This branch of science deals with concerns activities which result from statutory requirements and concern measurement, units of measurement, measuring instruments and methods of measurement and which are performed by competent bodies. They issue norms about the measurement and regulation which suits to the society. They made some slandered which should be followed by all in particular society or country.

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