First article inspection is very important part of the manufacturing process. CMM is the widely used Inspection machine for first article inspection because of programming of one part and rest of the part can be measured without adding human and measurement errors. Secondly it is relatively fast and accurate. With CMM internal features of the part can be measured by using probe attachments and extensions.

Ares 2010 (Bridge)
Followings are key factors to determine good First article inspection
First Article Inspection Best Practices
1. Measurement Accuracy – Accuracies of measurement are directly proportional to the tolerance of the Component to be measured. Measurement Machine should be 2 to 10 times more accurate then tolerance of the components.
2. Component and Environment Conditions – component should be clean and stabilised under drawing specified thermal conditions. This very important because very precise parts can be change due to temperature variations.
3. Measurement Speed ? Generally first article inspection required result and analysis very fast because corrective action or production can be start fast. CMM provide very vital role in this because of capabilities of Part Programming. With first few parts result can be use for SPS as well very fast.
4. Quality ? This is most important factor of the first article inspection because next process of production is based on result of the First article inspection. Engineering dept make changes on the basis of result of first article inspection, any small mistake and error can cause serious problem in production of parts.
5. Experience ? This is also very important factor of first article inspection because some small mistake can be taken care with expertise experience

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