Coordinate Measuring Machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine

Buying a CMM is big decision for any company because of it financial investment and its use. It is must before buying any CMM user should be sure about it purpose and its results. These days there are so many brands in the market about the CMM with different technology and sizes
This blog may help you to choose a right CMM for your dimensional inspection and fit for your company

Size of the Machine

This is most important factor for the machine, it is totally depends on the size of the parts which you wants to measure. Machine working size in X, Y, Z direction should be 20% more than your maximum part size. You should consider the future requirements of the company as well.

Accuracy of the Machine

This is also very important factor and it is depends on the tolerance of the part which you wants to measure on that machine. Machine accuracy should be 10 times more than minimum tolerance of the part, if machine is not available than it should be 5 times and if that accuracy is also not available then it should be 2 times at least. Ex. If you have minimum tolerance in particular drawing 10micron then part should be measure at least 2 micron machine.

Machine should be Portable or Fix

There are two types of CMM fixed and Portable there is very simple way to chose between them, if you can carry your part easily on the machine bed it is always recommended to use fixed CMM. If you cannot carry your part to machine bed and you wants to measure your part on the shop floor itself then you should go for Portable system.

Automated ?CMM or Manual CMM

This is also very important decision before choosing measuring equipment. It depends upon two things first which kind of part you want to measure, is it same part again and again or it is always new type of part. Second it is also depends on the budget. Manual systems are cheaper then automated system; automated system can be programmed for same types of parts

Probing System

This is very important part of the measuring machine, because this is part which comes directly contact of the mourning object. It has to be good and suitable to your measuring application. It can be Manual or Mmotorized with limited angle or with unlimited angle. There are scanning probe also available for continuous scanning. Scanning probes can be laser based or contact based as per your requirements. It is also important before choosing the probing system what object you wants to measure, like parametrical part or free form parts

Easy to Operate

This is also very important factor to be considered before choosing the equipment. You should evaluate how easy to use CMM which you are choosing because you need to invest in manpower who are going to use this CMM

Reliability of the Equipment

There are so many equipments are there in market so user needs to compare reliability of all available equipments in market. It will help you in buying good equipment which will serve you for long run.

Maintenance of the CMM

CMM is costly equipment so maintenance of CMM is also required to be done yearly. This is very important to see capability of company how easily machine can be maintained. What kind of skill manpower required to deploy.


This is most important factor but we need to evaluate above factors as well to optimise the decision of buying a CMM.
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