The engineering concept is not new concept but this concept was started in ancient era when man invented the wheel, pulley, lever etc. every modern engineering concept is based on the all old machines like this. Today engineering definitions are also depends on these inventions which were invented in ancient time.
The word engineer is derived from the word Engine. This Engine word was derived from Latin word Ingenium. Ingenium means in Latin is innate quality related to mantel power. In older days the word Engine were used for a mechanical construction which used in War means Engine word was used generally for the military machines. So who were operating military machine was called Engine?er (Engineer). This word becomes Engineering.
Engineering is very broad application of the science. Which is divided into sub branch like following:-
Aerospace Engineering – The design of aircraft, spacecraft and related topics.
Chemical Engineering – The exploitation of chemical principles in order to carry out large scale chemical processing, as well as designing new speciality materials and fuels.
Civil Engineering – The design and construction of public and private works, such as infrastructure (roads, railways, water supply and treatment etc.), bridges and buildings.
Electrical Engineering – The design of electrical systems, such as transformers, as well as electronic goods.
Mechanical Engineering – The design of physical or mechanical systems, such as engines, power trains, kinematic chains and vibration isolation equipment.
Materials Engineering – Investigates the relationship between the structure of materials at both the atomic and molecular scales and how this relationship relates to the materials macroscopic properties.
Now in modern era we have some other fields also which is derived from main branches such as Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Nanotechnology, Tribology, Molecular engineering, Mechatronics etc

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