Machine Control and Computer Hardware

This unit is use to control movement to machine manually and with self learning program it can be programmed as a CNC machine. These controllers are microprocessor based. This machine can be controlled with joysticks. This joy stik function is to provide manual function to machine.

Machine Control


?Software for Three-dimensional Geometry Analysis

This is an essential part of the machine. Machine gives only coordinate where we are touching with probe. Software parts do the calculation and give the results. The cost and capabilities of CMM depends upon the software as well

A Typical Software Includes

  1. Linear measurement of prismatic features like diameter length, diameter, center distances, lengths
  2. Online statistics for statistical information in a batch
  3. Parameter programming to CNC programming for similar parts
  4. Digital input and output commands for process integration.
  5. Program for the measurement of spur, helical, bevel and hypoid gears
  6. Interface to CAD software.

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