A?coordinate measuring machine?is a machine for measuring the geometrical dimension of an object.

These machines are following types

  • Manual machine (controlled by an operator)
  • CNC machine (controlled by computer)

This machine is having three moving axis (X, Y, Z). in this machine measurement has been taken by a probe which is attached to an end of one axis. Probe can be different types, Probes may be mechanical, optical, laser, or white light, amongst others, this machine is having 6 degree of freedom

These machine plays vital role in quality controlled depart of any manufacturing company. There are growing needs of equipment which can do the 100% dimension inspection automatically. ?Coordinate measuring machines are fitting in these demands very well. Previously these machines were used for layout the part before machining but now days these machines are giving very precise result, These result can be up 0.0001mm accurate. These machines can be equipped with rotating platform as well which called as rotary.

CMM are very rigid in structure and they are very precise as well. These machines may give output to DRO (digital read out) or to computer directly. We can directly compare the part online with computer connected to the machine. These machine can also be used as a feedback machine and can be connected to the manufacturing machine as well

Types of Coordinate measurement machine

  • Fixed Coordinate measurement machine
  • Portable coordinate measurement machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine

Next blog will be about the Fixed Coordinate measurement machine


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