There are many advantage of CMM. It can do very precise and accurate measurement.
There are few advantage given below:

Less Setup Time

If we are doing inspection on surface plate then it is very time consuming activity. Where CMM can align a part in three axes in one go. It can orient a part in drawing direction with reference points easily.
Data can be comparing directly with drawing dimensions. This can create part reference system very easily with operator defined orientation also.

One Setup?

Machine can align part in one setup mostly so all error for different orientation can be calculate very easily.


CMMs are essentially universal measuring machines and need not be dedicated to any particular task. They can measure almost any dimensional characteristic of a part configuration, including cams, gears and warped surfaces. No special fixtures or gages are required. Because probe contact is light, most parts can be inspected without being clamped to the table.

Good Accuracy

With CMM all measurement results comes from one origin that is part coordinate system. Because of this errors are generally reduced and achieved good accuracy in comparison to the hand inspection tools.

Reduced Operator Influence

Due to computer controlled machine it can do the measurement of similar parts without operator influence. This will reduce the chances of errors in measurement and all parts can be measured with same process.

Improved Productivity

The above-mentioned advantages help make CMMs more productive than conventional inspection techniques. Furthermore, productivity is realized through the computational and analytical capabilities of associated data-handling systems, including calculators and all levels of computers.


  1. If we are going to clamp a job with the help of C-Clamps ,,it will bring bend in the par..what is the best suitable way to hold a job other than fixtures and panel checkers

    Fateh Mohammad Khan
  2. Dear Fateh, if you don’t have any fixture to hold a part then you can follow few things
    1. Magnate
    2. Artificial clamps

    it is always important you hold your part on base plate of CMM like Plane Line and Point method, always concentrate part should be level with magnates and hold it at reference feature positions. it is must that you should remove twist in to the part before measurement. other wise get a measuring fixtures. i will describe it in our next post give us some time

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